Saturday 5k for Oct 12, 2013 (Route Change)

Saturday, October 12, 2013 at 9:00 am


Believe it or not, other people like to use Point Defiance too. So, for this week and next week we need to make some changes. For the second weekend in a row, the Tacoma Runners Saturday 5K Run Series moves to its alternate route along Ruston Way on the Tacoma waterfront for what promises to be a fast out-and-back run. The run starts and finishes near the restrooms at Dickman Mill Park, so runners should park either in the parking lot across the street from the Harbor Lights restaurant or in the limited number of spaces near the Silver Cloud Inn.

The route starts at the fire hydrant near the restrooms in Dickman Mill Park and continues along the waterfront sidewalk toward Point Ruston. This means you will run past a number of restaurants including Harbor Lights, the Ram, Shenanigans, Katie Downs and Duke’s as you run along the sidewalk toward the turnaround point. On the way out, the route veers right along the water edge in Cummings Park, then continues down the sidewalk to the turnaround point near the narrow parallel parking strip. A volunteer will be set up at the turnaround point and then the route continues back with the only difference being that you stay on the sidewalk along the roadway through Cummings Park.

This promises to be a fast out-and-back run, so bring your smokin’ fast shoes and set your own personal record on the backup 5K course!

The event is absolutely free for runners.

Ready? Register on the website, print your barcode, and come on out for the run!

Overall Results (Age Group Results)

Time Runner Class OP GP CP
0:18:58 {friends_runner_first}'s photoAustin Shelton M25-29 1 1 1
0:21:12 {friends_runner_first}'s photoruben beitia M35-39 2 2 1
0:21:56 {friends_runner_first}'s photoWade Guidry M45-49 3 3 1
0:22:01 {friends_runner_first}'s photoJohn Herrera M60-64 4 4 1
0:22:35 {friends_runner_first}'s photoAngelo Guerrero M40-44 5 5 1
0:24:06 {friends_runner_first}'s photoJim Belford M50-54 6 6 1
0:24:17 {friends_runner_first}'s photoSteve Pierce M65-69 7 7 1
0:24:36 {friends_runner_first}'s photoEmily Tompkins-Duhrkoop 8
0:25:10 {friends_runner_first}'s photoJames Tyler M25-29 9 8 2
0:28:02 {friends_runner_first}'s photoCrystal Martin F25-29 10 1 1
0:29:29 {friends_runner_first}'s photoWasami Williams F25-29 11 2 2
0:31:30 {friends_runner_first}'s photoMelissa Paz 12
0:37:39 {friends_runner_first}'s photoTerri Belford F50-54 13 3 1
0:55:44 {friends_runner_first}'s photoShawna Broeker F25-29 14 4 3
volunteer {friends_runner_first}'s photoMike Bogatay
volunteer {friends_runner_first}'s photoBryan Barmore
volunteer {friends_runner_first}'s photoJohn Hellman
volunteer {friends_runner_first}'s photoCraig Madigan
volunteer {friends_runner_first}'s photoPaul Manning
volunteer {friends_runner_first}'s photoAmanda Anuraga

OP: Overall Place
GP: Gender Place
CP: Class Place

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